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Optimizing Guide for Search Engines

85% of all online business or visitors to a website of any kind comes from search engine inquires. And of those, few go beyond the first 20 websites listed by the search engine. This makes search engine optimizing for a website a must.

We've compiled a user friendly guide that will help you achieve this. Though rather large (808.24 KB) even in PFD format, it covers everything you'll need to optimize your website and pages to get to the top rankings of search engines.

What the guide covers:

Google Optimization (one of the most important, if not now the most important search engine, and hardest to get high rankings in)

  • Introduction

  • Determining PageRank and checking back links

  • Main Google ranking factors

  • Submitting Pages to Google

  • The Googlebot - Google's Spider

  • Link Analysis and PageRank

  • Keywords

  • Page Content

  • HTML Quality

  • Meta Content and Google

  • alt Attributes

  • Internal Links

  • Redirections and Google

  • The Title Tag

  • Directing the Googlebot via the Robots.txt File

  • About Google Spamming

  • Conclusion

Search Engine Basics

  • The Importance of Search Engine Positioning

  • Search Engine Essentials

  • Web Directories

  • Search Engine Search Categories

  • Meta Search

  • Restricted and Banned Material

Web Site Optimization

  • What Is Web Site Optimization

  • Defining and Placing Keywords

  • Preparing the Web Site

  • Optimization Strategies

  • Optimizing <title> Tags

  • Using and Optimizing <meta> Tags

  • The Description <meta> Tag

  • The <head> Tag

  • Optimizing Page Copy

  • About Search Phrases

  • The "alt" Attribute

  • Using Heading Tags

  • Site Architecture

  • Frame-Related Problems and Solutions

  • Using Flash Animation

  • Using JavaScript

  • Using Image Maps

  • Dynamic URLs and Search Engines

  • Reciprocal Linking

  • About Link Analysis

  • Manipulating Search Engines

  • Targeting Specific Search Engines

  • Selecting the Domain Name

  • Gray Areas

Search Engine Submission

  • Free Vs. Paid Submission

  • Submitting a Web Site

Search Engine Spamming

  • Page Cloaking

  • Keyword Stuffing

  • Invisible Text

  • Using Doorway Pages

  • <meta> Tag Abuse

  • Mirror Sites

  • Multiple <title> Tags

Web Site Analysis

  • Using Search Phrases

  • Using Site Analysis

This is the most up to date guide available.
Please remember this is a one user license fee. You may not copy or distribute this copyrighted information.

Only $12.95 Compared to $29.95 elsewhere. Follow the guide exactly and get several top 10 placements in Google and other search engines.

Don't have the time to go over everything yourself? Want to make sure you've used the proper tags and keywords in the proper places? We can do it for you and more. Just see our Website CPR page.

Once your pages are optimized and ready to be spidered by Google you may want to read or join our anchor text link co-op program. Learn more about this program.

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Optimizing Guide for Search Engines


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